Why Careem is a Winner? (My Own Experience)


Yesterday I was quite late for my office and planned to take a Car Booking Service. Oh first let me tell you that I live in International City, Dubai and my office is in Media City. So it was around 9:40 AM and I opened Careem’s mobile app and booked a driver which was quite a straight forward process and within few seconds Captain was assigned to me. Careem is a car booking service and I love the way Careem use the word Captain for all its drivers.

So the Captain came to pick me up within 10 minutes and I was in the car at 9:50 AM. We went for our long journey and Captain said if I want to go from Al Khail Road or Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid  Road, as per his suggestion Al Khail Road is much shorter. So we decided to go from Al Khail Road. By chance we missed an exit and took a little longer route for Al Khail Road and there was a lot of traffic congestion due to rain and we got stuck there. Its that time when I tweet to Careem UAE:

Within minutes they replied :

I got a little late for my office, but when I reached I told Careem that what exactly happened and I am really upset and a Cup of Coffee can make me happy. :p

After like 5 minutes I got a phone call from Careem’s office and they told me that they have credited me with the difference of amount from estimated charges and what exactly was charged and above all they said that lets meet in 10 minutes for a free coffee. I was like Seriously? But yes, we decided to meet for a coffee in 10 minutes.

It was a real shock for me that Careem can go that far for customer satisfaction. But YES, Careem was there at the coffee shop waiting for me to buy me a free coffee.

I was in shock that I am a tiny miny individual customer but Careem treated me so well. After this experience, now they have one more permanent customer.

I always talk about the benefits of having a local office and taking care of your customers and this is one of its example. They made this whole experience so exceptionally good and at the end its all about Customer satisfaction and for me Careem is a winner.

P.S.: This is all based on my very own experience.

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