Bad Habits leads to Increase in Weight

Top 6 Bad Habits leads to Increase in Weight

Bad Habits leads to Increase in Weight

Are you getting fat? But eating less and worried what is the reason behind getting fat. Well we are not aware of the bad habits which we are fond of adopting it in our daily routine and which cause are weight to gain and make us look fat. You should definitely know about the top 5 bad habits to get fat. Getting fatter somehow somewhere making you sick and depressed. Here are top 5 Bad Habits leads to Increase in Weight.

Skipping meals:
Yes one of the most dangerous habits we are used to, that we skip meals to get slimmer especially girls used to skip meals to make them look slim which is dangerously damaging your system inside. It weakens your immune system and lowers your metabolism. Because of this you feel lazy, sleepy and energy level gets lowest.

Are you eating your food quickly?
One of the reasons in getting fat is eating your food quickly. According to research it takes 20 minutes for our stomach to give message to brain that it is full, so chew your food 20 times and give breaks in each bite. Try to finish your food at least in 20 minutes. Give break and eat peacefully.

Midnight meals:
You are awaking late night and eating food to get over your hunger, but this is horrible because you eat and lay down. The calories don’t Burn and increase your weight. People usually eat junk food like pizza, burgers and heavily processed food etc and it’s like enemy of your own self. You are just over eating and increasing your stomach size because of which you feel hunger all the time.

Bad Habits leads to Increase in Weight

TV and Food (Disaster):
I have a serious concern with this, our generation is really fond of eating while watching TV. It is just another major bad habit to get fat. When you are watching TV and having a plate of food in your hand, so unconsciously you eat much more than you desire.

Drinks after food:
The worst habit that we drinks various fizzy drinks in between or after our food which is the major cause of getting fat. They add up to many calories. Avoid fizzy drinks. As they also burn calcium.

Eating big bites:
According to research eating big bites consumed 52% more calories. Eat in small bites and chew longer, it gives you more satisfaction.

Habits can be changed. Work slowly on it, and you will get over your bad habits.

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