Shahi Paratha Roll International City Review

I am not a big fan of Roll Parathas and always find them oily and heavy on my stomach. So I usually avoid Rolls made of parathas and those parathas are mostly of Dawn or some other company. So on one fine evening on a weekend a friend called me to check if I am hungry or not. I was a little bit hungry so I nodded in YES. The next thing I know is we were sitting in a new place that I haven’t heard of called Shahi Paratha Roll. It is in International City Dubai near Al Awir road.

I was not told of the location before because of the fear of paratha roll. But now I was trapped and friend was constantly saying that they have the best paratha rolls in Dubai.

We asked for the menu and a friendly guy approached us and gave us the menu. One good thing is they do not have a long menu with full of random dishes. Shahi Paratha Roll’s menu was short and full of awesome images. We decided to try Bihari Roll and Malai Boti roll initially so we ordered instantly.

After like 15 mins our order was in front of us and it was looking tasty. Actually they are not using the Dawn parathas, they are making their own parathas so yes +1 for this thing.

Shahi Paratha Roll

So we started eating and my first bite was so soft and yummy that I was not able to resist myself to have another big bite over my first bite. On watching me taking a huge bite friend asked me to try their chatni (sauce) which they served separately. It was one hell of a tasty sauce, I don’t know what was that sauce but it enhances the taste of Roll paratha to 200%. I was loving each and every bite of my Shahi Paratha Roll.

It took like 2-3 minutes to finish our Paratha roll and we asked for another round. Again same great taste and I was full with 2 paratha rolls. If you are a foodie then 1 paratha roll won’t be enough for you, do order at least 2 paratha rolls and some fries with it.

So overall it was a perfect experience and not heavy on the pocket too.

Ambience: 7/10
Taste: 9/10
Behaviour: 8/10
Pocket Friendly: 9/10

Shahi Paratha Roll was a great experience and it is a must try in International City because its worth it.

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