Ramadan Sharing Fridges in UAE is a Huge Success

In the holy month of Ramadan people of UAE came up with a very unique and awesome idea to share food with those who are in real need in sharing fridges. Ramadan Sharing Fridges or Sharing Fridges are becoming a huge success after its start from a Facebook Group called Ramadan/ Fridges in the UAE.

Voluntarily people are participating in creating and distribution of food items and stacking up the fridges on daily basis. All together almost 23 thousand people are in the group and they are doing their best to keep this thing going and it is a huge success till now. It feels so good to see that how people are stacking up the fridges and sharing awesome and colourful images of fridges full of different items.

Sharing Fridges


These items can be water, laban, fresh fruit and food items. In the same spirit people are organising iftar and sahur all by themselves. It is such an inspiration to see everyone working together and helping each other to keep these thing going on smoothly and without any difficulty.

They have marked each and every fridge on Google Maps and it becomes easy to find any fridge in any area so anyone can go and check if anything is required or not. If any fridge is empty then it is posted on this group as soon as possible and within no time that fridge is stacked up with food items.

Ms. Sumayyah Sayed started this chain and now its part of some people. A lot of people have joined in and supporting and filling all fridges voluntarily and helping hard working labor to have fresh food and cold drinks and water and laban.

This Fridge concept is extended to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and a lot of people have been connected to this cause. Still lots of new places are being added and in the same way voluntarily people are taking responsibility to keep the fridges filled near their places.

After Ramadan these sharing fridges are going to get continue and they will still get filled. A huge round of applause for this initiative and their hard work and responsibility that they have taken and I hope and pray that this keeps on going and I will be a part of it soon.

Please join the group on Facebook and be a part of this initiative and keep donating and keep growing the number of fridges in UAE to global level.

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