Live Healthy Initiative Launched in Dubai

Whenever we plan to go out and eat something different from the daily routine, so its 99% chance that we will be stuck with junk food with lots of calories. And we often catch those advertisements which are displayed on the way to any place and captions saying that it is healthy to eat.

To overcome this thing, a new Live Healthy Initiative is Launched in Dubai. In this initiative, those restaurants which say that their food is good for health, irrespective of the ingredients used in the process of making that food, they have to prove this thing before mentioning it on the menu.

It will be a hard time initially for all the restaurants and big chains who claim that health wise their food is balanced. Now they have to submit reports to prove this thing. For example a restaurant claims that its chicken burger have 800 Calories, so now they have to submit a test report and prove that calorie count is equal to what they have mentioned on the menu.

Live healthy Initiative launched in Dubai

In order to get the permit, restaurants first have to register themselves with Dubai Municipality and then provide proof and reports and all required documents. After careful investigation and visit to the restaurant, Dubai Municipality will issue a logo and give that restaurant a permit to mention calories on their menu.

Now a days people are getting more and more conscious about their health and health issues, because digital media is providing everything on the finger tips. So with this initiative, people who wants to keep a balance and live a healthier life will be able to manage their food and diet more properly.  Dubai is taking very positive steps towards health issues which is a good thing people living in there. This Live Healthy Initiative launched in Dubai will surely be very positive towards people will help many to keep living a healthy life, and also to those who wants to start living healthy.

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    Natalie Jones
    February 23, 2016
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      Rizwan Saleem
      February 26, 2016
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