5 Recipes for Healthy Snacks which are actually Delicious

Hey there fellas! Let’s talk healthy snacks today. I recently realized this one problem I have had since a long time now, I get bored of snacks easily. I need constant variety because of which I have to constantly rack my brain for creative ideas. So, I took this problem to some discussion forums and turns out that this is quite a common problem amongst habitual snackers.

So I decided to help out my fellow brethren in their times of distress by listing out some of my best go-to recipes for healthy snacks which are also very delicious in taste:

Healthy Potato Chips

healthy snacks

Potato chips are everybody’s favorite snacks. But we health-conscious people know the repercussions of consuming the packaged stuff. So how about you make it a tad healthier?

Simply cut 2 potatoes of your liking in thin slices and arrange them on a baking sheet. Brush them with olive oil and add seasonings of your choice (salt, pepper, vinegar, BBQ sauce). Bake in an oven preheated to 400 F. Take them out when they are crispy and enjoy!


Salad Wraps


Salad wraps are super easy to make. Just throw in your favorite veggies (lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes) with any kind of meat you have lying around (rotisserie meat, cured meats) in any kind of wrap (lettuce, tortillas, pita bread) and you have a delicious salad wrap to get you through snack time!

Fruit Dips


Fruits are arguably the best snacks. They are delicious and healthy. But if you are bored of eating fruits the traditional way you can easily amp it up by making fruit dips of your choice. My favorite fruit dip combines cream cheese with condensed milk. You can also stir in some lemon juice or melted chocolate chips to adjust it more to your liking!


Frozen Fruit Smoothies


I have made it a point to keep frozen fruit in my freezer at all times. So when I am hungry in the early hours of the day, I can simply blend the fruit with some milk, honey, and yogurt for a delicious smoothie!

Egg and Spinach Muffins


Egg and spinach muffins are delicious and great for people who are watching their weight. Simply beat an egg and add spinach, salt, and pepper to the mix. Pour the mixture into a soufflé dish and bake till it is golden.

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