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Dubai is one of the best places where you can try food of every country, culture. Variety of food and their unique taste will surely make your tummy a little wide and you will gain a little weight.

But if you are gaining weight for the price of some good food then it is justified. But if you are in Dubai and you have not tried Arabic food then surely you are missing a big part in your life. There are many hidden arabic dishes available which usually people do not try.

Yes, today we are mentioning one of those dishes called “Kunafeh”.



Kunafeh is an arabic dish made of Kunafeh Dough, cheese, oil and sugar syrup. Recipe is quiet simple but it greatly depends on how someone is making it.

Hot cheese is filled in the Kunafeh Dough and served with Sugar syrup which is usually poured over the Kunafeh and it gets absorbed in it. You will enjoy each and every bite of it.

Surely its a heavy sweet dish but it will take you to the next level of sweetness. Kunafeh is a must try once when you are trying Food in Dubai.

Kunafeh -1

Kunafeh -1

People are usually unaware of this dish because it is not that much famous. Served hot with melted cheese is a treat after a full meal.

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