Gourmet Burger Kitchen Review

This blog post is written in Ramadan and we all friends were fasting. So one fine hot day in Dubai we all friends decided to have a Iftar/Dinner at some place in the mall. We planned to go to Texas Roadhouse initially. Everyone left their offices a little early to reach the mall and have a place in the restaurant. On reaching one of our friend (that one who always have issues with the current plan) changed the plan and decided to go to Nando’s. We were hungry and have not much time to convince that friend so we decided to go to Nando’s. In between the way the plan changed once again and we decided to go to The ButcherShop and Grill. On reaching there we saw Gourmet Burger Kitchen which is just beside ButcherShop and Grill and decided to see its menu.

So again in a confused state of mind, because we liked the menu, we decided to try Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Only 10 minutes were left in the Iftar so we decided our order quickly and best thing was they don’t have a long menu. One can decide quickly based on the taste.

At Iftar time we were served with Dates and our drinks that we ordered (obviously bottomless) and fries. Later on, not waiting too much, our order arrived with an amazing smell and look.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

So this was the first look of my burger with Strawberry and Lime and Cheese fries. That was one happy moment to see food and it looks amazing. Oh and By the way drink was hell refreshing and tasty. We tried watermelon and strawberry and both were amazing.

The first bite experience was so much mouth watering that I was not able to resist and took bite over a bite to have my mouth full and then chew this heavenly burger. It was genuinely tasty and patty was exactly what we asked (medium well). Full marks to Gourmet Burger Kitchen for the presentation of all the things on the table and for the quick and friendly service.

Taste was awesome, as we very very hungry too but even after finishing half of our meals and feeling a little full, we were still not able to resist ourselves from eating. The sauce provided with the burger was a little disappointment but overall it was an awesome combination.

As being a bachelor I was expecting french fries to be a part of our meal but they were not. So we have to order them separately and increase our bill because no meal in complete without fries.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

So as per bachelor’s rating:

Taste: 8.5/10
Presentation: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Behaviour: 9/10
Pocket Friendly: 7/10
Overall Experience: 8.5/10

Please do try and let me know your review about it. See you all till next review with some other place, Take care and Happy eating.

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