5 Good eating habits for all ages, good eating habits

Good Eating Habits For Everyone to Follow

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Health is wealth but it’s only applicable when you eat healthy. Most of us take our health for guaranteed and face the worst result in forms of different major sewer diseases. You have to follow some simple health tips after which you can feel the change in your life style. These are the five good eating habits one should have:

Fixed hours eating:

Good eating habits for all ages, good eating habits

Good eating habits for all ages

Try to eat food at fixed times, make a habit of eating food at fixed timing, if you want to look young in your old age. Just keep following the time. You will release in your old age what it means to eat on time and how it affects your whole body system.

Are you eating between meals?
Don’t eat in-between meals. When you are done with your breakfast, lunch or dinner, then avoid eating in between meals. If you want to then just go with a small snack in the evening as you have to take you breakfast at 8:00, lunch at 12:00 and dinner at 6:00. So there is no space left for any other meal. Overeating just increase the size of your stomach and it takes 15-20 minutes from our stomach to give message to brain that it’s full and there is no space left. So just eat everything by leaving space. If you have 2 chappaties hunger than eat one.

Eat less meat:
Meat contains the proteins but excess of everything is bad so eat less meat and chicken. Fish is a good form if meat to have in your diet regularly. So as u notice that doctors advise old age people to stop eating meat because their bodies no longer accept meat and not built to consume flesh. You have long intestines so it’s impossible to digest that meat instead you have a bad stomach.

Soya bean consumption:
Increase soya bean consumption in your diet, add soya bean in wheat to make chappaties, they are lighter to eat. This would be a best nutrition’s option to eat and also it will fill your stomach.

Eating while enjoying:

Good Eating Habits For Everyone to Follow
Enjoy whatever you eat, chewing your food properly, eat in small bites. Don’t eat in front of a TV. Drink a lot of water; avoid soft drinks and other flavored juices. Eat as much as vegetables and fruits in your diet, which could be the best food one should have. Avoid oily and junk food that what helps you to live longer and mostly importantly healthy on your foot.

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