Chili’s UAE – Detailed Review

Chili’s UAE – Detailed Review

Today, I am writing about my food experience at the Chili’s UAE:

So last weekend I decided to dine in at the Chili’s UAE and try their food. The name itself is good enough to tempt me since I am a huge fan of spicy food.

If you are a fan of burgers but you are tired of cliché ones, then you definitely need to go and try the unique and tempting burgers and sandwiches at the Chili’s UAE. There are several options; I tried the Cajun chicken sandwich. It is a burger with the usual bun but was huge in size, calling it a sandwich is definitely an understatement. It is made up of spicy grilled chicken patty topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and jack cheese. It was served with fries and dip that had a unique name of “chipotle-ranch dressing”.

I was dining with my friend so we decided to order different things so we can try more dishes at a time. We ordered their new Chicken fajita trio meal as well and crispy chicken tacos as a starter.

Tacos were topped with cheese, a lot of dressing and crispy chicken. It was served with two sides and in that; we ordered mashed potatoes and fries.


The food experience was 9/10. The fajita meal was served with freshly grilled sliced chicken strips which included sautéed capsicum and onions. This meal was served with a lot of filling and dressing options such as jalapenos, avocado sauce, sour cream and shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It was also served with freshly baked bread so you can make your own wrap.

Amongst all the meals that we tried at the Chili’s UAE, I really liked the fajita meal since we had a chance to prepare our own wrap and adjust flavor and spice accordingly.  It was very delicious and unique in flavor simultaneously.

The environment and service at the Chili’s UAE are 8.5/10. We had a really nice experience over all. We’ll definitely go there again.

Go and enjoy the Chili’s UAE in this chilled weather 😉

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