Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins, Celebration and sweet tooth satiations

Are you feeling to eat something sweet while watching life of people we see on the social media, the expensive birthday and anniversary surprises and the luxury dinner date is not the possible option for everyone? But the social media has raised the expectations so much for us to receive such surprises, as well as it has increased the urge within us to throw such romantic and fairytale-like surprises to our loved ones. Well, in this particular case, where you are low on budget but you really can’t compromise on your spirit, then don’t lose your heart, I have a solution for you. Speaking of which, about two months ago, it was my wedding anniversary and I wanted to throw a grand surprise to my husband as last year we didn’t get a chance to celebrate our anniversaries together.

Just a few days before my anniversary I was scrolling down my Facebook and there I saw an event planning page where they were providing a service of midnight surprise to your loved ones at the comfort of the doorstep. I checked the pictures and I was truly amazed. I loved the small setup which included a basic plain cake, helium balloons, bouquet, photo frames and a birthday greeting card.  As soon as I saw the post I decided to take their rates, but I was disheartened to know that their rates were very high. So, I changed my planned and motivated myself to use my creative side and arrange this surprise on my own. As soon as I realized that I can do it I went to the nearest city center and grabbed the relevant birthday decoration items from the stationary section of Carrefour and also purchased the anniversary presents for him.

It was our anniversary the next day. So I bought flowers too and then went shopping for my favorite thing that is the wedding anniversary cake. I wanted to pick a unique small cake because it’s just the two of us, so I went to the Baskin Robbins and picked their statement square shaped ice-cream cake.  The cake was not only good for presentation but the taste was heavenly, the best combination of soft chocolate fudge with vanilla ice-cream on top. Baskin Robbins was too reasonable in 40 AED. Not only my sweet tooth cravings were well satiated, but my husband was super impressed and amazed. As for the décor, I did a small arrangement, attaching pictures so you can easily copy or take inspiration from this and can throw an amazing surprise to your loved ones in a budget-friendly way.

Baskin Robbins

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