5 Things to Eat in Sehri

5 Things to Eat in Sehri – Ramadan Special

5 Things to Eat in Sehri

The Holy month Ramadan is on its way, Muslims are getting themselves prepared for the fasting. Ramadan is the month of blessings and benefits, only if you utilise it properly for your inner and outer self. People focus more on eating while ignoring the prayers and reciting Holy Quran. Ramadan can give you a lot of health benefits if you make use of it in a way. Stop eating like abnormal before and after fasting. As the Ramadan is it’s in summers and you have to observe fast for a longer period.

So keeping this in mind doesn’t mean you eat like you don’t get it ever again. Fasting can reduce your weight, lowers your blood pressure and sugar level, burns fat, detoxify your body, it will keep you away from addictions, improves your health and give you other health benefits.

Now the question is how you will maintain this all by eating oily food in your Suhar. People usually prefer to eat grabby food in which they have too much oil, eat 3, 4 breads as keeping the myth that they will going to fast for 16 to 17 hours But let’s have some awareness that eating all that stuff doesn’t stop making you feel hungry for all day but in any case you will feel hunger at some point. So try to eat the food which gives you energy and maintains your metabolism.

Eat less but healthy. Now the question is what it should be that you eat in Suhur? So here we are giving you five best foods that you can have in Suhur so you take advantage from fasting in Ramadan.

  1. Prefer eating the low digested foods like grains and seeds in which you can eat barley, semolina, beans, lentils, whole wheat flour, brown rice, oats, millet etc.
  2. You can also take fruits in your suhur. Make a salad of fruits so it will give you energy and vitamins. Eat appropriate portion of meat, fish or chicken, excess of everything is bad.
  3. Yogurt is one the best and full diet food that you can have in your suhur. Eat it with paratha or roti or you can take it after eating roti with gravy.
  4. Eat fibre containing food like herbs, spinach, green beans, and green vegetables. Vegetables are the one best one should take in suhur regularly it can be boiled or cooked in few drops of oil.
  5. One last thing that one should take after eating food in Suhur is the cardamom green tea. Trust me it’s guaranteed that you will not feel any thirst whole day.

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