5 things to eat in Iftaar

5 things to eat in Iftaar – Ramadan Special

5 things to eat in Iftaar

Muslims around the world fast in Ramadan in which from sunrise to sunset they spend their whole day without eating or drinking anything. People break their fast after sunset having a meal called “Iftaar”. Fasting teaches you self control and patience.

Ramadan gives you a lot of health benefits But only when you eat healthy food and keep yourself away from oily foods. When it comes to Iftar people usually prefer to eat samosas, pakoras, and other oily foods, as the fasting in summers will decrease water level in your body, so to complete that scarcity one should not break their fast with oil foods because at that time you have empty stomach and eating oily food is like pouring water on a fire. You will feel bloated and to avoid this follow the Sunnah, break your fast with dates and then water preferably, don’t drink beverages. Give a break and then eat. Some people asked about what to eat after such a long fasting to reduce weight, without craving for lot of food. When you sit on a table for Iftar , control your hand if you want to be benefited.

Here we are providing you 5 best things to eat in Iftar.

  1. Its summer season there are a lot of foods you can buy from the market including mango the love for all, bananas, watermelon the best for water deficiency, melon, apricot, apple, plum, water melon etc. You can have varieties of dishes you can make with fruits. They are full of energy and vitamins. If you are eating fruits, don’t mix them with other meals, it can hinder digestion.
  2. The best option you can have in summers is to break your fast with date and just go for the whole wheat roti or unpolished rice and then eat some fruits afterwards.
  3. If you want to eat potato fries, cutlets, or roasted chicken then go for the grilling or baking, this could be the best option you can have.
  4. Vegetables are the best to eat in dinner in replacement of that oily food in front of you. Go for the variations in vegetables dishes, add less oil in it. You can find some delicious recipes online. Vegetables are the good source of vitamins, iron and minerals; they will keep you away from constipation.
  5. Eat low fat dairy products and drink water or simple juices not sugar contained instead of beverages or we have a trend of drinking milk and soda combine which increase your weight.

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